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Celebrating Fathers

Families thrive because fathers are strong. Kids need their Dads, in so many ways. When they don't have one, they are much more likely to be poor, to do badly in school, to abuse drugs, and to be abused and neglected.
That’s why, on this Father’s Day and every day, we celebrate the man who makes all the difference – Dad.

We're cheering men on as we help them become the fathers that their children need them to be.
Join us in Celebrating Fathers!

Most men want to be good fathers to their children, but some need help getting there. We provide that help. The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families, a statewide ministry in 12 locations across South Carolina, helps fathers obtain jobs, strengthen their parenting skills, build better relationships with their children’s mothers, and navigate the legal maze of child support.

Our services are free to participants. We provide a wide array of intensive services under one roof over an extended period of time. We encourage our Dads to stick with the program for six months or more and not solve just the crisis of the day. It takes time to change. A lot of it.


There are six programs with 12 locations serving 34 counties throughout the state.

For a complete list of our fatherhood programs click here.