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Designating Your Gift

You may decide to donate to a local fatherhood program in a community that is special to you. Here are our local fatherhood programs and the counties they serve:

  • A Father's Place - Serving Horry, Georgetown, Marion, Berkeley, and Williamsburg Counties
  • Father to Father Project - Serving Charleston and Dorchester Counties
  • Lancaster Fatherhood Project - Serving Lancaster, York, Chester, and West Chesterfield Counties
  • Man 2 Man Fatherhood Initiative - Serving Marlboro, Dillon, Darlington, East Chesterfield and Florence Counties
  • Midlands Fatherhood Coalition - Serving Fairfield, Newberry, Lexington, Saluda, Richland, Calhoun, Aiken, Kershaw, and Orangeburg Counties
  • Upstate Fatherhood Coalition - Serving Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens, Oconee, Anderson, Cherokee, Union, and Laurens Counties

Perhaps you are interested in a specific program initiative the Center addresses through local direct services or one of the Center's growing areas of expertise.  Consider a contribution to one of the following   Center Strategic Initiatives:

Responsible Fatherhood
Responsible Fatherhood is a comprehensive approach to parenting. The program teaches fathers how to be involved financially and emotionally and reduces barriers to providing for their children.

Jobs Not Jail

Incarceration has a high cost. However, the Jobs-Not-Jail program costs less and nets significantly better results.  Rather than being incarcerated for non-payment of child support, low-income fathers are court-ordered to enroll in a six month local fatherhood program.  The cost to tax payers to incarcerate a father in a local detention center for six months is about $8000; whereas, $2000 is the cost to serve a father through a local fatherhood program which results in a tax payer savings of $6000 per father.   

Access to Healthcare
Low-income, non-custodial fathers are a major portion of the working poor population.  Often working hourly paid, low wage jobs, they seldom receive healthcare benefits; nor, do they receive government assistance for medical treatment unless they have been certified as disabled.  Yet, many fathers face chronic health conditions and untreated problems because they can not afford treatment and mistrust many healthcare providers.  The Center provides a nurse practitioner who travels to local fatherhood program sites to provide health education, screenings, treatment and referrals for specialized treatment and care from willing, local healthcare providers.  

Advocacy and Awareness
Too often fathers, no matter how successful they are in a fatherhood program, encounter governmental policies and practices and negative societal attitudes that prevent them from re-engaging in their children's lives.  The Center actively promotes father-friendly policies and practices which raise awareness about barriers faced by fathers             . 

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
The Center and local fatherhood programs have extensive experience in establishing, operating and growing fatherhood programs built upon best practices.  The Center offers technical assistance to other organizations desiring to establish services for fathers.  Many of these organizations are in start-up mode; and, unfortunately, unable to pay for consulting services.  Therefore, your financial gifts will not only contribute toward sustaining the Center, but, will also aid in bringing much-needed services to other local communities launching fatherhood programs.