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2016 Impact Report


Measuring the return on investment is of paramount importance to the Center for Fathers and Families. The Center and local programs are committed to collecting quantitative data as well as qualitative data and when possible to provide a cost benefit analysis. All of the local programs utilize the same database in an effort to tell the collective story by the numbers.

So it is that have compiled our 2016 Impact Report, to show some of the positive effects we've had in the past year. Click here to view it.

For more on some of our individual initiatives...

Jobs Not Jail: A Better Alternative

The Jobs-Not-Jail Alternative to Incarceration begun in 2006 has been a soaring success producing outcomes demonstrating that for every $1 invested in services to eligible fathers $5 was returned in savings and benefits to taxpayers and low-income families. When fathers are actively enrolled in the program versus being incarcerated for an average of six months, there are measurable savings in incarceration costs for these non-violent offenders. Read more here.

Health Access

In 2007 the Center introduced an access to healthcare component at four fatherhood program sites.  New curriculum was added integrating material aimed at men's health; and, The Center hired a nurse practitioner to provide one-on-one services to fathers and to develop community resources to provide treatment and medical homes for the fathers.  Some believed that fathers would not take advantage of these services but the results proved not only that they did but also the data tells us about the types of services fathers need and the medical challenges they face. Read more here.