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Giving Fathers A Voice

Fathers often feel alone, isolated, misunderstood and hopeless. The Center believes that it is imperative that fathers' voices are heard. Not only does the Center help fathers tell their stories, but it also works with partner agencies that are anxious to hear personal testimonies which can serve to educate and erase negative stereotypes about fathers and misperceptions about their wants and needs.

In June 2010 the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina hosted a listening session with fathers and local fatherhood program directors from around the state. Foundation staff, Board of Trustees, the Center staff and Board of Trustees were present to listen to the fathers testimonies of life before and after a fatherhood program. For a full review of the fathers feedback, read Rebirthing Hope: Fatherhood Listening Session Summary.

In 2006 the US Department of Health and Human Services Administration of Children and Families awarded 101 grants across the nation to promote responsible fatherhood. As part of a comprehensive review about the effectiveness of these grantees, the Office of Family Assistance at the Administration of Children and Families interviewed fathers in six locations across the nation. Lancaster Fatherhood Project in Lancaster, South Carolina was selected as one of the six locations. Fathers from the program participated in a two hour conversation with facilitators during which they shared their perspectives about fatherhood, fatherhood programs, relationships and advice for other fathers. Read the entire report, Listening In: Voices of Dads in Responsible Fatherhood Programs.