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July 24, 2014

Can anyone beat that football powerhouse, A Father's Place?


There was some high-flying action down on the coast when fathers and staff from the Horry County offices of A Father's Place took on the Georgetown program participants in a game of flag football.

The victors were the Horry squad, 14-7. Asked how his team had done, Wallace Evans said that as executive director, "I both won and lost."

You can see plenty of great pictures of the action on the program's Facebook page.

Mr. Evans said the game was organized as means of whipping up enthusiasm and keeping fathers engaged with the program, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. They certainly played hard, as the photos attest.

He said this was so successful, there are plans for upcoming competitions in other sports -- bowling, basketball, softball -- as well as more football.

And the action won't be confined to the beach. Mr. Evans wants to take his team on the road against the other fatherhood programs across the state: "I am throwing down the gauntlet; we'll beat anybody in South Carolina," he promised.

Other programs: Are you listening? Are you ready? Are you going to sit still for that?

Below, the winners receive their trophy. That's Jonathan Bennett, Roy Gause, Lisa Farmer, Chris Williams, Ray Scott, Corry Woods, Patrick Gardner, Vic Woods, Andrew Gardner. 

Below that are pictured the plucky also-rans, the Georgetown Gladiators.