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October 8, 2014

Georgetown Times writes about the great job A Father's Place is doing


The Georgetown paper, recognizing the great work happening in its community, has published a profile of A Father's Place. An excerpt:

Building better fathers

Fathers who have just been released from jail, are homeless, unemployed, never graduated from high school or are recovering drug addicts may think they can never have a relationship with their children, but a Georgetown nonprofit is working to give these men a second chance in their kids' lives.

A Father's Place, located at 107 Screven St., helps rebuild men and their connections with their children.

"Most people think these are just a bunch of deadbeat dads, but I've found out that's not the case," said Lisa Farmer, site director for AFP Georgetown. "They want to be connected with their children, they want to be responsible, they just need a second chance. But when you've already been given four or five chances, who wants to give you another one?

"We do," she said.

"Dads matter," said Wallace Evans Jr., executive director. "What other services are out there specifically for fathers, for men? They are such a critical component of healthy families. ... Too many children are over-mothered and under-fathered."...

Click here to read the whole article. And to read about one of AFP's success stories, Steven Rutledge, click here.