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December 1, 2014

Our own Ricky Barr being interviewed about Ray Rice and domestic violence

We were in the middle of a staff meeting here at the Center when a reporter from WIS-TV, Mike Desumma, stuck his head in the door looking for someone to interview about Ray Rice and domestic violence.

Ricky Barr got elected, and now you can see the result. Here's a link to the video. In case you have trouble with the audio, here's what he had to say:

Recently, an appeals court ruled that Rice can return to professional football and sign with any team of his choice. Some clearly feel if Rice wasn't a professional athlete, things would have turned out much differently.

"The bottom line is a lot of people, especially if it were to happen at that high level of visibility, would have 'been locked away and thrown away the key,'" said Richard Barr of the SC Center for Fathers and Families....

We appreciate WIS thinking of us, as we deal every day with men who lack Mr. Rice's resources...