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December 19, 2014

Chris Myers honored for service on the Center board, and more


Chris Myers was honored at the SC Center for Fathers and Families' annual Christmas luncheon for her nine years on the Center's board, and for much more.

Some highlights of board Chairman Bill Bradshaw's remarks about Chris' accomplishments on behalf of fathers and families:

Chris was instrumental in shaping the fatherhood initiative from its start. As a founding member of the Sisters of Charity Foundation, she served on the committee that formed the initiative in 1996 and oversaw the initial grants in 1997.

She visited established fatherhood programs in Baltimore and the District of Columbia to learn about best practices, and bring them back home to guide the SC programs as they were getting off the ground.

She served as the Foundation board's designee on the Center board from 2002 to 2005, then joined the Center board in her own right in 2006. She chaired the board from 2008-2009.

"Throughout her tenure, she has been a relentless and passionate advocate and true servant leader," said Mr. Bradshaw. "She believes that fathers matter, and has dedicated her time, her energy and her gifts to ensuring that the membership of the Center flourishes."

Mrs. Myers is now leaving the board as her term expires, but Mr. Bradshaw assured all present that "she is not going far, and will continue to be with us as a volunteer."