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January 22, 2015

TD Bank gives SC Dads and kids some gridiron memories they'll always treasure



Once again, TD Bank generously provided the means for Dads and their kids to build treasured memories of time spent together watching their beloved Gamecocks.

TD donated two tickets each to six home games at Williams-Brice Stadium, which for some Dads and their children from across South Carolina was a once-in-a-lifetime togetherness opportunity.

But don't take our word for it; read what the Dads wrote themselves:

Thelman Harris of Columbia -- Texas A&M, Aug. 28
Thank you all for the tickets to the USC Game. It was an experience my daughter and I will never forget. It gave us the chance to spend time together, and gave her the one-on-one time she needs with her father. We both love our "Gamecocks" and never dreamed we would be going to the 1st game of the season. Again I say Thank You! Thank you!


Unish Osbia of West Columbia -- East Carolina, Sept. 6
Hi, my name is Unish Osbia Sr., and i would like to thank the Fatherhood program for giving Unish Osbia Jr. and I the opportunity to enjoy the Gamecocks and ECU play Saturday, September the 6th. We really had a blast, and looking forward to attending more events.


Rasaan Wiley from Fairfield -- Missouri, Sept. 27
My day started out on September 27 with a surprise for my son. I woke him up that Saturday with tickets to the game. At first he thought I was joking, but after a moment his confusion turned into joy.... My son couldn't believe how much the S.C. fans loved their team. They rooted with passion and love. The game was just as good. And my son and I were just loving the time being spent together.... In the end, S.C. fell to Mizzou. But the day wasn't about who won or lost; it was about the time a father and son spent together.

Absolutely. And let us add our thanks to those of the Dads for these unforgettable gifts from TD Bank!