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February 5, 2015

Wallace Evans, crimefighter


Not content with simply running South Carolina's Fatherhood Program of the Year, Executive Director Wallace Evans is reaching out for the betterment of the larger community, as WMBF reports:

Racepath Avenue cuts through Highway 501 and Highway 378 on the west side of the city. It is an area hit with crime in recent years, including gang activity, drugs, and multiple deadly shootings that happened within just blocks of each other.

"Everyone is concerned about the level of crime in the area," said Wallace Evans Jr. "There's just so many negative things that are occurring, we are trying to promote more positive things with men being involved, women being involved, building strong families."

Evans runs A Father's Place. It is a nonprofit geared toward helping parents better their lives through a series of parenting classes, skills training, and job placement.

In addition to helping families, Evans wants to help Racepath. Evans sat before city council and laid out a proposed three-to-five year plan aimed at improving the community, recently.

This, of course, is a natural extension of the good work done by A Father's Place." Just as involved, supportive Dads are important to nurturing families, so are safe, thriving communities.

Keep up the good work, Wallace!