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February 5, 2015

Bill Bradshaw's letter to the editor praising positive depictions of fatherhood


In case you missed it, here's the letter from Board Chairman Bill Bradshaw that ran in The State on Wednesday:

Thank advertisers
for valuing fathers

During the Super Bowl Sunday, we saw something remarkable beyond the performances on the field.

I refer to commercials from Toyota, Nissan and Dove. There were no silly gags, or even an overt effort to sell the sponsors' products.

What was being sold was this simple idea: Fathers are important.

When was the last time you saw fathers portrayed as playing a positive role in helping their kids grow to be worthwhile adults?

The typical TV dad is a bumbling doofus, comic relief, the guy who's always putting the wrong foot forward, so that mom or the kids have to set things straight. Think Homer Simpson.

Or worse -- he's the One Who Wasn't There, the deadbeat. Or worst of all, a violent, menacing presence.

As board chair for the S.C. Center for Fathers and Families, I've learned that one of the highest hurdles many dads have to overcome is the perception of them as a negative factor, even worthless.

I thank Toyota, Nissan and Dove for doing this. And I hope that the millions who watched were at least to some extent awakened by the message.

Bill Bradshaw

ead more here:

And here is one of the ads he was writing about: