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June 24, 2015

Letting the world know about fatherhood programs on Judi Gatson's radio show

Franklin Alexander, Judi Gatson and Ricky Barr.

On Father's Day, Judi Gatson did her whole radio show, "NTouch," on our fatherhood programs.

Coach Frank Martin and the Center's Ricky Barr were joined by Franklin Alexander, one of our program graduates as they talked about the critical mission of better connecting Dads with their families.

Each spoke from his own experience.

Coach Martin spoke of why he is involved with the Center as a board member, and said men need to overcome the barriers and "get back in the game" with their kids.

Mr. Alexander told of his own struggles as a father, and shared the insight that often, the barriers aren't as insurmountable as a Dad might think they are. And no matter what your fears or feelings of guilt, no matter how difficult things may have been with your children's mother, remember that there are children involved, and they want their Dads back.

Ricky shared with the audience all the ways that our six fatherhood programs in 12 locations across the state help men get back to being the kinds of fathers that they need to be, and want to be.

Thanks again to Judi Gatson for this opportunity!