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August 27, 2015

Longtime editor Warren Bolton joins the Center board

Warren and Tanya Bolton with their two sons, Christopher and Alexander.

Warren Bolton, a Columbia native and longtime editor at The State newspaper, has joined the board of the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families.

Executive Director Pat Littlejohn was particularly happy to welcome such a longtime friend of the Center to the board. As an associate editor on the newspaper's editorial board, Mr. Bolton has written often and approvingly about the Center's work.

"Warren has written about fatherhood from the very beginning," she said. "He understands the issues of father absence and what we have done to address that problem. This is such a great opportunity to get him involved."

For Mr. Bolton, the Center's work strikes close to home because he grew up without his own father. "Growing up in a household without a father, I understand what the challenges can be, from financial to the lack of a strong male role model in the house."

"I know the pitfalls, and anything I can do to improve father access and get fathers more involved with their families, I'm glad to do."

During the time that he has followed and written about the Center, Mr. Bolton has become father to his own two boys, and the Center's work has been an inspiration to him.

"I had already decided I was going to be there for my kids," but learning about all the social costs of father absence in society as a whole reinforced that determination in his own heart.

While you can study all the facts and figures, being a father to your own children is the ultimate test: "I try to be a good role model. Sometimes it's not easy.

"It's always wonderful, but it's not always easy."

Welcome to the board, Mr. Bolton!