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January 28, 2016

Colonial Life gives $10,000 to fund Access to Healthcare

We received this most welcome message at the end of January:

Dear Pat,

Thank you for submitting an application to Colonial Life for 2016 charitable funding consideration. In response to this request, I'm pleased to communicate that Colonial Life pledges $10,000 in support of SC Center for Fathers and Families for the Access to Healthcare project....

Thank you for all you do for our community!

Marie McGehee
Manager, Community Relations
Colonial Life

Thanks so much to Colonial Life for their generosity!

As you know, increasing our participants' access to healthcare is a key element in helping men get on their feet and become the kinds of fathers their families need.

Among the activities this grant will help fund are:

  • Initial assessments of men's health behaviors.
  • Intensive comprehensive health screenings.
  • Support and follow-up.
  • Referrals to participating outside medical partners and providers.
  • A four-week men's health education program inclusive of men's health topics, substance abuse, and HIV/STD issues.
  • Continual outreach by our own Nurse Practitioner Dawn Pender to help recruit health partner/resources in the community.

This program is also supported by:

  • Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
  • SC Center for Fathers and Families unrestricted donations
  • Providence Hospital, with phlebotomists for healthcare screenings, reduced lab and test fees.
  • Local healthcare partners (approximately 40 partners statewide) who provide free and reduced care (dentists, physicians, ophthalmologists).

Thanks again to Colonial Life, and all our Access to Healthcare partners!