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September 20, 2017

Father Focus: Chris Collins

 Chris Collins now has his GED thanks to Father to Father, Inc. It's a milestone worth celebrating because of the journey he took to get there.

In September 2016, Chris found himself in court because he was behind on child support. His child's mother was also preventing him from seeing his son. 

Chris was ordered to participate in the fatherhood program. His primary goal was to be involved in his son's life. He knew that in order to do that, he needed a GED to increase his earning potential and give him an advantage in pursuing better jobs. 

Through Father to Father's partnership with the Trident Literacy Association, Chris enrolled in the organization's GED program. With staff support, encouragement, and help with transportation, he completed the course and successfully passed the examination. 

On August 15 he participated in the graduation ceremony at Trident Literacy. He has now obtained a job with a local property management company. Most important of all, Chris says his greatest success is working with his son's mother to allow him to get back into his life. Congratulations Chris!

Father to Father, Inc. participant Chris Collins celebrated receiving his GED on August 15, 2017.