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April 7, 2017

A Second Chance for Ricky Scott



Ricky Scott, Man 2 Man program participant, poses with his two oldest daughters.

Ricky Scott enrolled into the Man 2 Man fatherhood program in Florence, SC on a voluntary basis on January 27, 2016. Ricky was an active participant and he began to make outstanding progress. That progress came to a halt when he became homeless and stopped attending the program. Non-payment of child support led to Ricky's incarceration. Ricky was released from jail under the condition that he return to the program at Man 2 Man. This time, it wasn't voluntary. 

Ricky took full advantage of his second chance. He found a place to live, kept up with his child support payments with the help of a job as a handyman with a local real estate company. With encouragement from his employability coach at Man 2 Man, he went on to become responsible for managing several properties. He continues to attend peer group sessions with Man 2 Man and is on track to graduate from the program. His relationship with his two oldest daughters has improved tremendously. Currently, Ricky is taking steps to further his education at a local college. His ultimate goal for 2017 is to improve his relationship with the mothers of his children and be an active father in his kid's lives.