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May 10, 2017

Barbershops Provide a Unique Setting to Discuss Fatherhood


Keito Jordon, outreach coordinator, facilitates Barbershop Talks. 

Our statewide network of fatherhood programs continuously work to find new ways to gain visibility in local communities. The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition has been successful in hosting a series called, "The Barbershop Talk: A Conversation for Men". Held after-hours in  local barbershops, these discussions bring together men of all ages to talk about the vital role and responsibilities fathers have for their children, their families and their communities. These barbershops provide a unique, but familiar setting for men to openly discuss solutions to the problems plaguing the community as a result of father absence.

"The response has been overwhelming. We are talking about the truth and it's important for young men to hear about these issues from older men in an intimate setting", said Keito Jordon, outreach coordinator and facilitator of these talks in the Columbia area.

Currently, six barbershops are taking turns hosting these talks which are held monthly. The goal is to host six this year. The third installment is scheduled for June.

Similar barbershop gatherings are also taking place in communities served by A Father's Place in Conway, SC.