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June 15, 2017

Center Presents "Engaging Young Fathers" at 2017 Summer Institute

The Center presented a three-hour power session entitled "Engaging Young Fathers" at the 2017 Summer Institute of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The session, facilitated by Program Manager Marc Himes, included discussion on challenges for young fathers, effects of father absence, and parenting resources for young men. The Center also previewed its upcoming documentary on the lives of three young fathers, a project being produce through a partnership with SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Children's Trust of SC.  The session concluded with a panel of young fathers who shared their personal stories with attendees. 

Health professionals, social workers, counselors, teachers and other professionals participated in the three-day conference which began on Tuesday, June 6. The event engages attendees with information sharing and networking and opportunities to discuss best practices and new approaches to addressing issues surrounding teen pregnancy.


SCCFF Program Manager Marc Himes lead a three-hour power session on "Engaging Young Fathers" at 2017 Summer Institute.


2017 Konduros Public Service Fellow Clarissa Guerrero, who is serving as the Center's summer law clerk, greets Summer Institute attendees at the Center's vendor table.

Summer Institute Staff, SCCFF Program Manager, fatherhood program staff and program participants pose for a photo at 2017 Summer Institute.