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July 12, 2017

Fatherhood Listening Session: Monday with Men" Gives Insight to Challenges Facing Fathers

Community partners, staff and board members from both the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families and the Sisters of Charity Foundation were invited to "Fatherhood Listening Session: Monday with Men", hosted by the Sisters of Charity Foundation. It was an opportunity to learn about the challenges fathers face and how our fatherhood programs around the state are making a positive impact.

The event began with a panel discussion made up of five fathers from our fatherhood programs.  The audience got to hear personal stories about the challenges men face while trying to be good fathers to their children. The open and honest discussions included difficulties with the current child support system, overcoming obstacles of parenting and co-parenting and how the program has helped them to become better men.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation hosts similar events with each of its other grantees. This is the second listening session supporting the fatherhood initiative which became a focus of the foundation in 1998.


Men from fatherhood programs across the state share personal stories about the challenges they face as fathers.


SCCFF and Sisters of Charity Foundation Board Member Rick Mendoza talks with a fatherhood program participant during the fatherhood listening session.



SCCFF Board Member Arlene Andrews participates in a discussion during the fatherhood listening session.


SCCFF Board Member Coach Frank Martin talks with Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina Board Member Maria Smoak.