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July 12, 2017

Marion County Healthcare Foundation Continues Support with $74,800 Pathways to Employment Grant

Once program participants complete the week-long Employability Boot Camp, they will receive certificates celebrating their accomplishment.

Marion County Healthcare Foundation continues its support to A Father's Place with a $74,800 Pathways to Employment Grant. MCHF aims to promote health and wellness by supporting organizations that work to improve the quality of life in Marion County and surrounding communities. The grant will cover the employment readiness component of the fatherhood program.

A Father's Place provides a variety of services for low-income fathers ages 18 and over in Marion County. In January 2017 Marion County's unemployment rate was nine percent. For participants enrolled in A Father's Place, the unemployment rate was 63 percent in 2016. The majority of fathers in the program identify employability as their number one barrier to being a responsible father.

Beginning this fall, funds will support AFP's Employability Development Boot Camp' a rigorous one-week course that provides skills assessment, teaches valuable job skills, how to get and keep jobs and how to overcome the challenges keeping them from getting a job or advancing to a higher paying job. The program also links participants to possible job opportunities with area employers.

Programs at A Father's Place emphasize economic stability, relationship building, parenting and co-parenting and men's health.

This is the second year A Father's Place has received the Pathways to Employment Grant.