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March 22, 2018

Father Focus: Shannon Gaskins

A car accident forced Shannon Gaskins out of work for six months. He fell behind on child support payments and was ordered to participate in Father to Father, Inc. He was initially reluctant to be a part of the program saying, “I am only doing this because I have to”.  That quickly changed after he completed the week-long Employability Development Boot Camp. Father to Father’s job developer forwarded his resume to a contact who helped him secure an interview with a steel company just three days after completing boot camp. That company offered Shannon a full-time position. 

Because of Father to Father’s role in helping Shannon find employment, he is now making scheduled child support payments and spending quality time with his son. “I am happy that I can afford to pay my child support, pay my bills and do extra things with my son without worrying about how I am going to eat the next day,” he said.



Shannon Gaskins is employed again after being in a car
accident and falling behind in child support.