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June 16, 2013

Father's Day: A special day to remind us fathers matter.



A father is a protector, provider, supporter, companion, teacher and so much more. When fathers are involved children thrive, but when fathers are missing in children's lives, they miss out on all of the above. The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families and our fatherhood programs provide guidance for men who desperately seek to reach these standards for their children.


A present and active father is one of the most important predictors of a child's success and happiness, not just during childhood, but for the rest of that child's life. Research reveals that father absence has significant negative consequences for children such as child poverty, delinquent behavior, and more. Did you know that 71% of high school dropouts in the US come from fatherless homes? Combine that with the fact that 41% of children in South Carolina are born to unwed mothers and you can see that we have a huge growing problem with significant consequences. It could leave us little to celebrate on Father's Day.


However, the Center and our fatherhood programs' goal is to change this troubling trend so that children and fathers can share the joys and memories of Father's Day present and past. Our fatherhood programs work year round to convey to fathers the importance of being actively engaged in their children's lives. What's more, we provide knowledge and skills for fathers to navigate our state's complex child support system, gain the education and experience that will enable them to find and hold a job, and learn basic parenting skills they don't have often because their father wasn't in their lives to teach them.


We need your help to continue providing these services for men across South Carolina. Make a donation today to help our participants succeed as fathers and husbands, and give their children the loving father they need and deserve. And remember to celebrate and honor the father in your life this Father's Day.