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August 20, 2013

Is a criminal record holding you back?

A criminal record can create potentially difficult and complicated consequences in life. Criminal records can be a barrier to obtaining employment, student loans, professional licenses, and even housing. There is some good news, however. In some cases, an arrest or conviction can be expunged (erased) from a record.  


In an effort to make information on the process of expungement more understandable and accessible, the SC Center for Fathers and Families developed an expungement guide that is now posted on the Center's website. Over the last few months, University of South Carolina Law student Chelsea Clark and Jobs Not Jail Project Director Gale DuBose have worked to complete the guide to help those that are trying to right their wrongs and move past their criminal record.


The Center's expungement guide  provides an explanation of record expungement - the types, requirements of the process, how to apply, and what happens after you receive an expungement.


When a record cannot be expunged, a pardon could be a viable alternative. A fact sheet on pardons and other resources, including information on criminal records and juvenile expungement, are also available here on the Center's website.