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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families

Director's Message

Father to Father has a long history of serving fathers and focusing on improving their lives and the lives of their children.  We begin 2018 with a renewed focus on reaching more fathers and impacting more children’s lives.  Father to Father will be expanding our services into a new program site in Walterboro and adding peer support sessions and program services to our existing sites. 

Fatherlessness impacts our communities in so many ways.  As a society, we are now into our fourth generation of families that have never had a father in the home.  As a result, our high school dropout rates have climbed, teen pregnancy and juvenile delinquency rates have soared.  Our mission remains strong – to re-engage fathers in the lives of their children and educate them on how to be a good parent. 

Children have never needed their fathers more.  In a world of uncertainty and an intense need for stability, our goal is that fathers become that stabilizing force.  Parenting is never easy especially when you don’t see a path to follow.  Father to Father is here to help fathers find and forge their own paths – learn parenting skills, obtain employment, support their children and become a resource to their families. 

An old story tells the tale of a young child on the beach at a time when thousands of starfish had washed ashore.  The child deliberately and for hours picked up individual starfish and threw them back in the water for a second chance.  An older man came along and mockingly said – you know you can’t help all of them, don’t you?  The child reached down, picked another up and tossed it back into the ocean and responded – I just helped that one, didn’t I?  We are here to help one father at a time.  Come join us.


Troy Strother
Executive Director