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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


July 24, 2015

Bruce Simmons, a Father to Father success story


Why is Bruce Simmons a success story for our program? Because he has participated regularly in group sessions, been consistent in his children's lives, maintained employment, and kept up with his support payments.

Mr. Simmons started the program unemployed, and with a set of newborn twins to support. Not wanting to miss a session, he brought the babies to the employability boot camp with him.

Bruce kept up his relationship with his kids that do not live in his home as well. He was diligent in his search until he found full-time employment.

He immediately signed up for wage garnishment once he was employed to be able to pay his support, and he has made consistent, full payments for the past three months.

He attends sessions weekly, and always participates fully. Mr. Simmons is taking full responsibility for his actions and his future.