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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


August 24, 2017

Father to Father, Inc. Donates Boxes of Kleenex to Berkeley Elementary School

Classes are back in session at Berkeley Elementary School and the students there will have lots of facial tissuesfor the upcoming school year thanks to donations from Father to Father, Inc. The fatherhood initiative wanted to do something special for students as they head back to school. The Father to Father, Inc. staff in Berkeley County collected more than 200 boxes of Kleenex tissues and delivered them to Berkeley Elementary School. "We wanted to do this to give back to the community. We know schools often fall short with school supplies and we found out this school needed Kleenex tissue more than anything," said Father to Father Berkeley Site Director Elmore Ragland. "The staff was thrilled to have an abundance of Kleenex for the upcoming school year," he said.


Intervention Specialist Vincent Mercer and F2F Berkeley Site Director Elmore Ragland deliver boxes of Kleenex to Berkeley Elementary School.
F2F-Berkeley Site Director Elmore Ragland gathers boxes of Kleenex to deliver to staff at Berkeley Elementary.