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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


September 16, 2013

Father to Father Project joins Dunston Elementary School for a "Day of Caring"

The Father to Father Project, Inc. joined Dunston Elementary School in it's "Day of Caring" event. This was a community event where people and organizations of the community came to the school to help clean up, repair, paint, etc.  The F2F staff was not able to participate in the clean up efforts due to regulations and safety, but we were able to donate several boxes of book bags and other school supplies.


The staff also worked with and mentored the young boys of the school while they were participating in the clean up.  Mr. Marvin Gethers, our community contact at the school, thought it was important that the young boys see men from the community in a positive light. The experience will long be remembered. Father to Father plans to continue partnering with Dunston Elementary in the future.