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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


Jerry Lloyd

Jerry came into our program without a relationship with his children or children's mother.  One of the mothers would not even allow Jerry to see his child.  He was unemployed, with no high school diploma, no transportation, and an overall lack of resources.  He was also involved in gang related activities.

Upon Jerry becoming a part of Man2Man, he has made a complete change.  He has turned his life over to Christ and now has a relationship with both of his children. He also has a good relationship with both of the children's mothers.  Man  2 Man assisted Jerry with finding employment.  Upon finding employment he bought his first car and gets to pick his children up on the weekends.  Jerry is also very involved in purchasing items that his children need.  He has now achieved the long time goal of getting his GED and now taking college courses.  Man 2 Man assisted him in purchasing books for college.  Jerry is a great success story and he now mentors other men who are in the situation he was in and recruits them into the program.


Henry came to Man 2 Man discouraged, unemployed, and separated from his children. Henry is the father of five and was very disheartened because he was unemployed, unable to pay his child support and unable to spend any time with his kids one of which was disabled. The disabled child was diagnosed with missing parts from her brain with a cerebellum that was too small and had to be aided with a feeding tube. The disabled child was being neglected and dropped off with different people while the mother went out on weekends to party and spend time with her friends. Often the baby's feeding tube stayed dirty and was not getting her medicine administered to her and was very underweight at 12 months old. Henry felt like giving up on everything because he felt hopeless and felt there wasn't anything that he could do.

Henry completed his intake process and started attending the peer support sessions. Topics covered negotiating legal systems, how to get the job and keep it, men's health, building healthy relationships, how to be a better parent, establishing paternity, anger management, having effective communication skills, making right decision, and being financially stable. Man 2 Man helped him acquire a job, modify his child support order to an amount that he could manage, and obtain joint custody with his four children. Because the mother of the disabled child was found in neglect and child abuse, he was able to gain full custody of his disabled child. Henry is now the primary care taker of his daughter who is now four years old and now weighs 32lbs. He also shows the nurse assistants how to handle his little girl and provide the proper care.

Henry credits the program for giving him support when his baby needed surgery and for providing one-on-one counseling to him when he was depressed, frustrated and felt that no one understood what he was going through. He has a better relationship with both mothers of his children. He also states that Man 2 Man helped him to make life changing decisions that resulted in him becoming a better father. Henry stated, "If it wasn't for the program I wouldn't be where I am today"