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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


March 27, 2015

Celebrating freedom from smoking!


 A health survey of participants in our fatherhood programs revealed that 60 percent of our Dads smoked.

This may be understandable in that many take to tobacco as a result of stress. But smoking just makes a bad situation worse -- not only in terms of the father's health, but in terms being a waste of money, and a terrible example for the kids.

At our last Smoking Cessation class at the Lexington office, five people celebrated their freedom from tobacco.

Pictured above are Robert, Jerry, Dawn Pender (facilitator), Hubert, Phillip and Ashley. They enjoyed a pizza party with door prizes. (Two others who had completed the course were unable to attend.)

Robert and Jerry had perfect attendance, with Hubert not far behind. But all had something to be proud of: Out of the seven still in the pilot program at graduation, five had stopped smoking and two had cut back drastically.

The classes are over, but this isn't the end. Dawn will be following up with the graduates by phone for up to 6 months, encouraging them and and checking on their progress.