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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


June 15, 2015

Robert Kennedy: Back with his kids again


Robert came to Midlands Fatherhood Coalition initially just for parenting classes.

He was under a cloud because he had been accused of child abuse, and couldn't see his children. Like most men facing such charges, he maintained his innocence, but he managed to prove his claim. The authorities thoroughly investigated the accusations, and found no basis for them.

His name cleared, he became a full-fledged participant in our program, and things are looking up for him. He has his driver's license back, and has regained employment as an electrician. He still participates actively in group sessions every week, even though he has obtained his certificate.

His one disappointment is that now that he has a job, his work schedule doesn't allow him to see his two boys as much as he'd like. He's trying to get his visitation adjusted.