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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


July 30, 2015

Healthy eating class participants get to taste what they've learned about, thanks to Junior League, Bi-Lo and USC

In the foreground, Arthur Kates cooks brown rice with his son and two nephews. Beyond them, Sharmori Ramos and Justin Wilson work on black beans while Mr. Wilson's daughter looks on.

Last week, some of our Richland and Fairfield participants experienced the best session of all in the healthy-eating classes sponsored by the Bi-Lo Holdings Foundation, USC's CPCP (Columbia's Cooking!), and the Junior League of Columbia.

In the test kitchen at USC's Discovery 1 building, parents and kids had the chance to cook a healthy meal themselves -- consisting of black beans, brown rice, Cajun corn on the cob and sweet potatoes -- and sit down and enjoy it together.

They also learned more about why these foods are better for them than so many things that we all eat too much of.

Many thanks to the Junior League, Bi-Lo and the university for making all of this possible!

Rudolph Walker, program specialist in our Fairfield office, shucks corn with our nurse practitioner Dawn Pender and participant Jerome Armstrong.