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Criminal Records: Expungement and Pardon guides

A criminal record can create potentially difficult and complicated consequences in life whether you were arrested or convicted (or both). Those with criminal convictions are often met with difficult barriers when trying to obtain employment, housing, professional licenses and other areas. In todayÙs economy few employers, landlords and other reviewers are willing to forgive an applicant with a criminal record. 

Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't matter how much you've changed, or how hard you work, or what dreams you have.  You have a criminal record. Your mistake(s) can be the only obstacle between you and your next job, promotion, professional license or apartment.

There is good news. In some cases, an arrest or conviction can be expunged (erased) from a record. Not everyone qualifies for expungement, but those who do can reap a huge benefit from pursuing it.

Criminal Records 

Before filing for a record expungement it is important to understand criminal records. A criminal record generally includes all arrests, charges, convictions, and non-convictions that have ever happened to a person. This guide provides a better understanding of criminal records, how you can obtain your record and the next steps to getting your records removed.

Full Expungement Guide 

The full guide explains record expungement,  the types of expungement, requirements for expungement, how to apply for expungement, and what happens after you receive an expungement.


If you do not meet the requirements for an expungement, you may file for a pardon. A pardon is the forgiveness of the state.

Many times people confuse expungements with pardons. However, an expungement and a pardon are two different things. If a person receives an expungement, he or she may usually treat the crime that was expunged as if it never occured.

After a pardon is given, the criminal conviction is still on your records, but is marked as pardoned. A pardon appears on your criminal record along with the conviction so that everyone can see that the State of South Carolina has decided that you have earned a second chance.  

Juvenile Expungement Guide

Many adults are still haunted by the mistakes they made as a youth. In this guide you can learn what can and cannot be expunged, requirements for expungement and the cost of expunging your juvenile record.