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Speakers Bureau

The Center for Fathers and Families is pleased to educate and make presentations about responsible fatherhood to your organization, civic club, educational, community or church group. Here's a few of our speakers and a brief bio of their credentials.

Contact the Center for Fathers and Families at 803-227-8800 to book a speaker for your next event.

Richard Barr

Dynamic and inspirational speaker presents on the importance of responsible fatherhood, the consequences of father absences, and the make-up of dynamic, powerful programs

Tom Keith

With over 30 years experience in non-profit, and with 15 years in philanthropy alone, this seasoned executive will explain the intersections between engaged fathers and reducing poverty. In addition he advises funders about the costs/benefits of The Center's innovative programs.

Patricia Littlejohn

Seasoned and experienced advocate delivers a message on the national perspective of the fatherhood movement, policies and practices that unfairly prevent fathers from engaging in children's lives, the connection between father absence and poverty and the role of women in the fatherhood movement.

Dawn Pender

A compassionate Nurse Practitioner shares her expertise and understanding of low-income fathers, their issues, attitudes and behaviors about health and methods that work when helping fathers address health issues.

W.C. Heocke

A father of a child with a disability has devoted his life's work to helping fathers of children with disabilities to become the best fathers, husbands and/or co-parents they can be. With passion, humor and practical advice, W.C. brings to life the issues faced by these fathers.

Gale DuBose

A former chief attorney with child support enforcement who has dual perspective, that of the court and the low-income father. She understands and interprets the challenges of the legal system; and, her presentations bring insight and clarity to the legal issues fathers face.